The 5 Worst Soccer Tips in History

Soccer is a beautiful game. Played by 11 players, it’s one of the most game with a huge fan base. If you are a soccer enthusiast and want to play it like the professionals, the Internet is stuffed with soccer tips from to play soccer like a boss. However, we have brought for you the tips that you should never follow while playing soccer.

The 5 worst soccer tips in history
Ball hogging- Being selfish is one of the worst soccer tip someone can give you. You might be good at what you do, but ball hogging is never a good idea. It will make your teammates not giving you the ball. We are not good at making football predictions, but even a naive person would know that it would lead to your coaches asking you to take a seat on the bench.

Kicking the ball hard- People might ask you to kick the ball hard so that it goes direct inside the net. But more often than not, the results are not what you expect. the ball lands nowhere near the goal but actually miles over it.Rather than kicking the ball hard, you should pass the ball to the corner and pass it low.
Diving and Playacting:
This is the most stupid thing any player can do. It might get a red card to your opponent player but destroys the spirit of this beautiful game. Also, you can even get carded and a bad reputation.
The 5 Worst Soccer Tips in History
Practising just one particular move- everyone loves the elastico move by Ronaldinho or the double scissor move by Ronaldo. But focusing on just one move will waste your valuable training time. You should always try to learn new skills and new moves. If you are in love with a particular move, give it 20 minutes of your practice time, not more than that.

Making a bad shot instead of passing the ball- The worst soccer tip would be to try to score no matter what. A good striker knows when he should pass the ball and when to shoot it. If you are not in the ideal position, it would be selfish of you to waste it on a bad shot. Either pass the ball or shield it.
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