Expired: Different ways for cleaning rugs and carpets in Holland Park

It’s of great importance to always make sure that your carpet or rug gets the most professional cleaning procedure after accidental spills or dirt.  This is the main reason as to why Holland Park in London is here for you. Holland Park employs only the best professionals in the field to ensure that you get only the best treatment for your carpets and rugs.
Since different carpets and rugs come with different textures, it’s of high importance that different cleaning procedures are applied so as to prevent carpet damage. The following are the most common carpets cleaning procedures applied at Holland Park.
a) Carpet cleaning using shampoo
The main principle behind this procedure is to generate shampoo foam, allow it to dry and vacuum it the following day. However, it should be noted that, not each and every shampoo can be used to clean the carpets and rugs. The most preferred shampoo products should have the following properties.
-A non sticky residue.
-Stable foam.
-High foam levels that reduce wetting.
-High level of lubricity that reduces damage on the carpets.

carpet cleaning
At Holland Park, two primary cleaning machines are used to make sure that your carpet gets the best cleaning treatment. These methods are: Rotary Shampoo and Cylindrical Foam.
The Cylindrical Foam cleaning method uses an air compressor which creates a dry foam way before the original foam has been applied on the carpet. The revolving cylindrical brush agitates the carpet and combs the foam throughout the carpet pile. Through vacuuming is done to make sure that the entire foam and dirt has been eliminated.
The Rotary Shampoo cleaning method uses a rotary floor machine to spray the shampoo evenly on the carpet. A rotary brush evenly agitates the detergent to form dense foam which is evenly spread on the carpet or rug.
b) Dry Cleaning/Carpet Absorbent Cleaning
A dry absorbent substance which contains small amounts of water, solvent and detergent is evenly sprinkled on the carpet using a machine. The main principle behind this method is basically the absorption of soil/ dust by water and eventually vacuuming up the solution.
Vacuuming is done before cleaning as to ensure that complete dirt removal is achieved. The good thing about this cleaning method is the fact that no drying is needed since minimal water is used.
c) Bonnet Method
This method involves the use of an oscillating brush which is attached to a drive block which drives dry, wet and damp pads. With this method, the professional cleaner has the freedom to either spray the carpet with the cleaning solvents/ solution or simply soaking the cleaning pads with the cleaning solvents/ solution and later squeezing the solution before placing the pads on the driving brush. The brush then removes the dirt by agitation.
d) External Extraction Method / Steam Cleaning
This is basically the best method of cleaning carpets and rugs since it completely does “deep cleaning” in all types of carpets and rugs. It uses a fine spray which evenly sprays water and the detergent deep inside the carpet pile. The mixture of detergent water and soil/dust is absorbed by the vacuum front slot.
A great thing about this method is the fact that vacuumed dirt is inhaled by the cleaner rather than spreading it around the house. It’s the best method especially to dust allergic people.
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