cleaning travelling trip tips

How to clean your luggage after travelling

Have you ever tried to clean your luggage after a long trip?  Do you want your suitcase to look fabulous when you are going on a trip? You have to admit that every luggage gets really dirty after each trip, especially with plane.

Well, if you haven’t cleaned your suitcase, then you know that it’s very difficult and often the results aren’t satisfying. So, today at you will learn what exactly do you have to do to clean you luggage perfectly.

Of course, firstly you have to remove everything from the suitcase. Be careful and check the whole suitcase, because there are often tissues left in it. After that, you have to remove the dust from the luggage. Yes, this is a crutial step in the cleaning process and you have to be sure that your suitcase has has stored a lot of dust. You could use a simple brush. If your luggage wasn’t very dirty, then its cleaning is done, but if you don’t think that it’s clean enough, you have to proceed with the following tips.

cleaning travelling trip tips

Try to clean the surface of the suitcase with a liquid cleaner and remember that it should be mild. Observe the surface to be sure that the cleaner won’t damage it. Don;t use too much water because it would be really difficult for the suitcase to dry off. The drying process of your luggage may take a couple of days so wait patiently.

The inside of your suitcase also needs cleaning. Our advice is to use only damp cloth and of course, it should be clean. Again leave the suitcase to air out. If you wish, you could spray it with an odor-reducer.

If you live in London, you could try a professional cleaning company, which will prove that your suitcase will look better when it’s cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaners. If you are looking for such company in London, you should try at

This is everything you need to know about your luggage cleaning. After all, the cleaning process is easy and after that your luggage will look as brand new.

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