Expired: Cleaning services in London

Whether you’re moving out at the end of a tenancy or just after some deep cleaning for the perfect home, there are plenty of professionals in London that can do the hard work for you.
It’s worth spending some time so you can be sure that you will find the right cleaning service for London for you and for your expectations. If it’s an end of tenancy clean you need, many firms offer this as a specialty – and often they can totally guarantee you that the work is done to the satisfaction of your landlord or letting agency. Most cleaners offer a fixed price for the clean, which you can see on the website, and of course the price depends on the size of your house or flat.
cleaning services from endtenancycleaning.london
However, for other deep cleaning jobs, you may just need to hire someone for a couple of hours. Many firms in London charge around £10 an hour but may specify that you use them for a minimum of say, three hours. Their services may include wiping surfaces, washing and disinfecting bathrooms, hoovering carpets and dusting shelves.

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